Here is a list of useful resourses
for the visual arts.


Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Visual Arts
  • Comprehensive K-12 curriculum for New York City
  • Aligned with state and national art standards

Art with Mr. E

  • Blog from a teacher of students in grades K - 4 in Nashville, TN
  • He was named 2011-2012 Tennessee State Elementary Art Teacher of the Year
  • Some lesson ideas can easily be adapted for middle school students
  • He also hails from the great state of West Virginia!!!

Ms. Eaton's Phileonia Artonian

  • Blog from a teacher of students in grades 7 - 11
  • Great photos to inspire ideas for unique artworks
  • Some lesson details and project directions are included.

Art at Hoover Elementary
  • Great visuals and lesson ideas!!

Davies Reich Pinterest Page
  • Tons of ideas to inspire us all!!

The Teaching Palette
  • A collaborative forum for art educators
  • Includes ideas for classroom management in the art room
  • Featured in School Arts Magazine and National Art Education Association (NAEA) News

Thinking Maps
  • The brain is primarily visual.
  • Visual maps allow us to have concrete images for abstract thoughts for all subject matter


The Metropolitan Museum of Art:
The Museum of Modern Art:
The Whitney Museum of American Art:
The Guggenheim Museum:

Fellow art teachers from the NYC visual arts PD group in November may access my printmaking and collage unit materials by clicking on the following links.

Lesson Summary:  In this lesson, students learned about the life and works of American Collage artist Romare Bearden.  They worked from photos of buildings in my neighborhood to draw a typical NYC building.  They then transferred their drawing to a 9x6" foam plate.  They worked in teams of two to create two prints from their plate on black construction paper using ink colors of their choice.  After all prints were complete, students worked in collaborative groups to create a collage.  They used their prints, painted newspaper, magazine and newspaper photos, construction paper and glossy/metallic papers.

I hope you find this helpful as you plan your own lessons to connecting to history using Bearden, Faith Ringgold, and Ezra Jack Keats.  

Bearden Printmaking Unit Plan
Bearden Printmaking Lesson Plan
Bearden Printmaking and Collage Student Handout
Bearden Printmaking and Collage Power Point
Printing Steps, Collage Planning Sheet and Rubric
Bearden Printmaking Rubric
Bearden Printmaking Parent Handout

Bearden Collage Unit Plan
Bearden Group Collage Lesson Plan
Bearden Collage Written Review
Bearden Collage Parent Handout

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